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Our History

Tumbleweed Day Camp was founded in 1954 by Patti and Gene Tucker.  It was built to be a place where children could grow, learn and excel, as well as enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  The family atmosphere they created is evidenced by the fact that former camp children are now camp parents, former counselors have married and are now sending their children to camp, and former campers have worked their way from being in the youngest group all the way to being a counselor.  Now over 1,000 children enroll in our programs each summer.  Our camp is accredited by the American Camping Association, which means that we meet, and exceed, basic safety and development standards that have been set for camps all over the country.

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Our Philosophy

We have made a commitment to the community to provide high-quality recreational and educational programs for children.  We promote the conservation of the environment and the development of the child. As such, we are child centered, not activity based.  Through our program and out staff, we have created a nurturing atmosphere conducive to helping children develop the following skills:

  • Health, physical growth, and motor development
  • Independence and problem solving
  • Recognize reasonable limits and practice self-discipline
  • Increase self-confidence and self-respect
  • Security with adults
  • Tolerance of and respect for children of different ages and backgrounds
  • Free self-expression in the arts
  • Broaden intellectual horizons
  • Observe, investigate, and acquire information and think critically
  • Develop an appreciation for the environment

Our primary goal is for children to go home happy and more confident.  Our approach toward our program and staff development is based on the philosophy that we will promote fun, personal growth, and social responsibility.

“What you are and what you aspire to become will influence the camper far more than anything you say to him or her…The example you set, the values you hold, the skills you can impart, and the warmth, understanding, leadership and guidance you can provide are the ways in which you can help our youth be better prepared to assume their responsibilities at home, in their local communities, and in our society as a whole.”


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